Started in 1949 by Yasuo Sugiura as the 1Sugiyasu Ironworks producing grease pumps, the company expanded first into the production of hydraulic lifts for automobile repairs in which it is the number producer in Japan Then 1971 the company expanded into production of distribution equipment under the Bishamon brand name.
The high quality of Bishamon equipment led to further expansion first in the USA in 1982 with the formation of SUGIYASU OF AMERICA INC.
In keeping with its high quality standards the Takahama plant obtained ISO9001 certification in 1998 and is quickly followed by the Nishio plant and Fukushima plants the following year .
Then in 2003 Sugiyasu acquires ISO14001 certification bringing its environment practices in line with other leading manufactures that ensure that the environment is always protected.
The Sugiyasu Corporation principals are based on a spirit of "the three loves" (love for oneself, love for one's family, and love for one's company), they are committed to remaining a growing, trustworthy company that keeps taking up new challenges with creativity